Medieval Faire Props & Games

Castle Entrance-Medieval Ticket Booth


Castle Entrance - Double Ticket Booth

Large medieval era entrance based on a real and still existing jail in Europe. There are two Ticket Booths. Designed to tear down into sections. Sturdy plywood and 2 x 4 construction. Will withstand extreme weather. Walls painted by professional visual artist with outdoor acrylic paint.� Can be used as backdrop or dugeon entrance as well. People are often caught walking up to it, to see if the bricks are real.
for Rent�� $500
for Sale�� $3,500
Queek- a Medieval Gambling Game Board

Queek Game Board

12' x 12' smooth wood medieval game board. Queek is a betting game played by kids on the Medieval Era. Comes with the balls / bags to be thrown on the squares of the board. Kids are given an erasable and re-usable card to place their 'guess' on what squares their ball will land of. Those closest to their 'guess' win!
SOLD�� $350

Storm the Castle Sling Shot Game

Storm the Castle

A castle facade with openings to shoot sling shots and projectiles. Can be used for the game 'Storm the Castle', a stage background and for photo ops. Comes with new Sling Shots (not authentic medieval era sling shots). Designed to tear down into sections with a sturdy frame to withstand extreme weather. Constructed from 2x4�s and � inch. Plywood. Painted by a professional visual artist with outdoor acrylic paint.
for Rent�� $300
for Sale�� $1,200
Medieval Battering Ram Game

Battering Ram

Very popular game. Easy to assemble. Built in controls to minimize impact of ram. Spring loaded door to absorb shock. Pulley system to release door at desired time. The kids love it!Ram log wrapped on rope, sturdy 4 x 4 construction with � inch bolts.
Painted by a professional visual artist with outdoor acrylic paint.
for Rent�� $500
for Sale�� $3,000
Medieval Pillory Stockade


Where the bad children must go for a great photo op, or politicians can go to get rotten tomatoes thrown at them!

for Rent�� $200
for Sale�� $500

Photo Cutout of Mounted Medieval Knight and Lady

cutout of medieval viking

Photo Cut-outs

Designed for the size and height of grade 4 kids, round holes are cut out for kids to quickly become a Knight and a Fair Maiden or a Farmer and his Wife. Also a Viking and Knight.
for Rent�� $100 each
for Sale�� $500 each
Signs for a Medieval or Rennaisance Event

Various Medieval Signs

Yellow hand painted signs directing guests to the Privy or one of the games or show highlights, like Vikings and Mercenaries.
for Rent�� $200
for Sale�� $500
Medieval Dungeon Props and Weapons


A variety of Medieval era torture tools, with informative signage. Has lots of Educational Value, plus interest for all ages. Makes you glad you live in a modern world. All Dungeon Props are Listed Below.

Dungeon Package for Rent� $500
Dungeon Package Sale price $2,000

TortureChair-300 Torture Chair � �� ��� for Sale $350
NeckCatcher-300 Neck Catcher ��� ���� for Sale $250
Spiked Collar - Medieval Neck Ring Spiked Collar����� �� for Sale $200
TortureRack-inUse-300 Torture Rack�� �� � � for Sale $350
ThumbScrew-300 Thumb Screw�� ���� for Sale $250
Guillotine2-300 Guillotine�� ��� � � � � for Sale $300
WitchesCage-CoffinTorture-3 Hanging Cage�� ��� for Sale $500
HangingCage-300 Witches Cage�� ���� for Sale $350

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