Medieval Weaponry & Battle 2

Medieval Weaponry & Battle

Why couldn't they all just get along? Who was fighting who?

The Roman Empire was in decline and being invaded by many tribes in the 3rd to 5th centuries. These tribes waged battles and war to establish new territories and kingdoms, where the leaders were always heroes of battles for land.

People fought for different reasons. Some of those reasons depended upon when in the medieval ages they lived. The Medieval era was marked by four distinct periods:

1099 jerusalem crusades of middle agesThe Crusades ~ Knights and kings attacked the Holy Lands of the Middle East in the name of God with the blessing of the Christian Church. It's sometimes called the Golden Age of Chivalry. The goal was to drive the Muslim tribes out of Palestine so they could control the sacred lands of Jesus and the Bible.

The Crusades happened in waves over the centuries. Power often shifted between Christians and Muslims, who fought back and reclaimed their territories. Each crusade usually lasted for a year or more before the area was secured. Other expeditions into China or India could last two or three years. By 1291, the Crusades were at an end. The crusaders abandoned the area and went home.

Military Orders ~ After conquering Jerusalem in 1099, an army was established to keep control of the city. This lead to the establishment of numerous military orders. These were a kind of association or affiliation to a particular leader, king or cause. All orders served the Christian (Catholic) Church in Rome.

Secularism ~ After the Crusades, the Age of Chivalry dwindled. The focus shifted to selfish pursuits, like the fighting of great wars�mostly between England and France. There were bickering royal houses and noble families of different nations to fight for. As these guys fought, class divisions grew. The poor were exploited to support the rich. Nobles weren�t the only ones without ethics. Knights were fighting for the love of a woman or, if she was married, for another man�s wife and all his possessions.

The Courts ~ By mid-1300 new orders like the Order of the Golden Fleece were formed by royal courts. Knighthood was once a noble profession. Now knights were less effective in battle and were mostlyb sporting entertainment for royal families.

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